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About Applying

Before you start your application, gather your unofficial transcripts and a digital passport size photograph. There is no application fee for students applying online.

Admission requirements Requirements for military & veterans


Applying will require the establishment of a username and password. Save this information to check the status of your application as well as the status of your transcripts. Campbell University will use the email address used to create your application to send you communication.

Please upload all of your unofficial academic transcripts to your application.

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After Applying

You will be updated on the status of your application and notified when you have been accepted. It is very important that you provide us with an email address you use and check often.

Please allow 48 business hours for a response after submitting your application, transcripts, or other materials.

Application Status

Application Submitted means that the application has been completed and received, but has not yet been reviewed.

Application in Review means that the Enrollment Facilitator and Counselor are reviewing the application.

Application Decisioned means that the Enrollment Facilitator has completed the review of the application and a Counselor has been assigned.

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